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Office Interior Designing

Need help with your office interior designing ? Confused as to the best use of space for your business? The fact is you should not need to worry as ASG Office has more than a decade of experience in helping businesses and offering office interior design advice right across the UK.

To find out more about our office interior design services simply call us on the number in the top right of your screen now, or read on to get some more detail about our services.


Flooring can be sub-divided into carpets, vinyl, laminate and wood. There are thousands of products that could be used in any given situation, choosing the right one depends on type of use, traffic levels, aesthetics and budget. ASG has available hundreds of different types of flooring for all environments, let us help you to make the right choice.

Partioning / Ceilings

Partitioning systems can be divided into five main types, each available from a number of manufacturers and each with its own merits. Issues to consider include sound and fire ratings, demountability and relocatability, aesthetics and of course, budget. Talk to ASG about your specific requirements and let us help you choose the right system for your needs.

All ceilings are based on a grid and tile system with the grid either being exposed or concealed. Tiles come in a range of materials including mineral boards, metal and wood to suit a range of styles, functions and budgets. Whilst the main function of a ceiling is aesthetic, fire proofing, acoustics, heat insulation and lighting requirements all need to be taken into consideration to achieve the greatest office fitout. At ASG we know the best products from a wide range of manufacturers.


Lighting is what makes interiors really work. In functional terms, Lux levels must be appropriate to the application – different levels for meeting rooms, computer usage or specialist applications. In interior terms, lighting helps create the right atmosphere for the required use of the space. Finding the right products to match all of these needs takes experience. Recessed, spot, or display lighting, Meridian has planned and installed many products from a wide range of manufacturers.

Project Management

All projects, from a complete office refurbishment to installation of a single partition, require planning, design and installation, but schedules and budgets also have to be adhered to and other issues such as business interruption and relocation requirements have to be considered. ASG deals with all aspects of project management, working with our clients and keeping them informed and involved at all stages.

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